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Just a normal day in your house when, what's this?!? 

 A super cool wizard frog needs your help!! :O 

His name is Diego, and he needs your help to get back to normal :))) 

He’s got frog amnesia, and frog-ot how to fix himself :((

Help Diego in this SUPER cute, harmless, perfectly normal game gather some potion ingredients, become BEST buddies along the way,  and s̴̛̝a̴̰̽c̴̩͋r̶̖̂ḯ̴͜f̶̹̂ḭ̶̒c̴̭̃è̷͜ ̴̺̃y̴͈̅o̶̘͝ŭ̵̪r̸̻̿ ̵͎̓f̷̍͜r̵̹̒i̶̬̔ẻ̸͓n̵̬͠ď̶̘s̶̠̃!! All of this and more!!! :)))

WARNING: Flashing lights, loud sounds, gore and other horror themes. 

Controls  :D 

 WSAD to move 

 E to 'Use' 

 Space to jump 

 CRTL to crouch 

 Shift to sprint


 Most importantly, don't forget!! :)) 

 D̷͖͊O̵̩͚͂N̸͔̳̅T̴̪̈́͠ ̵ 

         T̷͓̈̈́R̶̭̆̑Ư̸͖̐S̸͇̹͐̄T̶̳̼̾͂ ̶͉͕̑̚ 

             T̸̥̤̍H̸͓̽ͅE̴̯̬͋̓ ̸͐ 

          _̸̞͖̘͙̍̏_̴̢̧͇̹͖̈́̿̏̽̏_̸̟̖̘̭̊̊̊̀̕_̸͓̜͌̊̋_̵̨͔̔̀́̃͗̍_̶̡̢̣̣͙̤͖̽͗͌̀̏͝F̴̼͕̞͍͔͙͍͈̝̻̠̲̱̰̝̟̗̟̤̣͍̈́̅̍͌̓͊͒̄́͐̓̽̈́̽̄̾͌́̅̈̐̾̅̍͐̄̓̓̊̀̃̄͂̈́̆̉̀͗͛͘͜͝͝R̶̡̡̛̛͖̝̤̼̘̙̳̱̦̠̪͎̭͙͋̿͛̃͌̒̃̄̀̍̔̇͗̿̽̓̿́́̽̕͝͝͠Ờ̴̗̟͔͈̗͖̙̓̀̍͑̑ͅG̵̈́̉̽̾͆̆̓̋̽͂̍͒͑͗̂͊̓̄̂̽͊̂͂̚͘̚͝͝ _̶̨̭̣̞̘̬̙͎̄͑͐́_̵̡̳͙͎̻̼̼̗͍̥̖̠̈́͛̓͛_̷̢͙͙͙̼̯̟̜̤̆́̉̓̀̅̈́̚̕_̴̖̆͊͒͆̿̌̈́̒̈́̄̇̉_̸̫̜̬̀͛̍̃̚͠͝_̷̡͔̰̪͚̦̪͕̯̭͐


Dev Notes: Hi!! This is my very first game I've ever made. 3 months and over 350 hours later, it is FAR from perfect. However, I'm obsessed with it overall and I would LOVE some feedback! Please email me (KrabbyGames69@gmail.com) or DM my Instagram (krabbydaddy.69) with any bugs you find, or other feedback/related ideas! Here's to hopefully making more games in the future!! :)

 Only you, can stop Diego’s fires.

 -Tay <3

Updated 1 day ago
Published 29 days ago
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(45 total ratings)
AuthorKrabby Daddy
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Cute, First-Person, Funny, Horror, Multiple Endings, Psychological Horror, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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I had so much fun playing this game, can't believe it was your first, so well done!

Thank you!! It's not as polished as it could be, but I'm looking forward to using what I learned here, to do better next time! :) Thank you for playing!


i really loved this game, even though it doesn't really look like it haha the spooky vibes are immaculate 

omg THANK YOU :) I do love me some spooky vibes


This game is really good! the monster needs a bit more work but besides that, very good

Haha hey man, I'll take what I can get. Thank you for playing!! :)


This game was really cute! but turned scary! lol

Haha thank you!! :))) 


It's one of the best games I played in a long time, so thanks (again), for making it, waiting for your future projects!
If you want to check out the first reaction here it is, have fun everyone!

That's high praise! :) Thank you!! And thank you for playing!


Had a lot of fun with it, great endings as well, good work :)


Thank you!! And thank you for playing!! :)

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Twitch VOD DUDE!!! Loved it! had no idea what was gonna happen when I was getting into it BUT DAMN... the humor, horror and style all caught me off guard in the best way possible! you couldn't see but my jaw dropped at one point lol. really really really hope you keep this up, I would love to see more from you!! The game is the first one I play on my twitch stream, hope you like my diego voice :)

also rip santiago should've paid rent L bozo


Loooool fr fr he a clown for not paying. in this economy/???

Thank you for playing!!! It was a ton of fun to make, im defo going to have to do more :) I also see you played Lamu in that stream!!! That game was probably my BIGGEST inspiration when creating this game. An absolute masterpiece. We love games that are not as they seem >:)


YESSSSS for some reason my stream had a unintended common theme of games not being as friendly and cutesy as they first appear :0 hope to see Santiago again it’d be funny if you keep them in every game going foward xD 


The frog tried to hurt me???? But it's so cute :((

Pftt that feels like fake news. Forg would never hurt.......unless????????


i absolutely LOVED this game! It's perfectly balanced (as everything should be >:) ) it had the right amount of spooks and funny, it didn't overdo it ! Excellent work!!

Haha thank you!!!! It was a lot of fun to work on :)))

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I love the option to add a mustache. Also amazing Skyrim reference, It was a great game, very scary

Yes. Mustache button came to me in a fever dream. It was the only asset I had to commission specifically because, well, mustache button obvi. Thank you for playing!!


I know everyone is linking their video but hey… my turn.  Im here thinking this was just a cute little frog horror game but come to realise that it gets so much worse. There was even a point where I had to stop recording and come back a few days later because i felt so uneasy. But thankyou so much for creating this absolute masterpiece and for your first game this was absolutely fucking amazing.

Hey man. I watch and like every one of these bad boys that get posted (so far), so its defo a good strat to follow the crowd on this one lmfao. I appreciate you, thank you for playing!!!


Of course!! I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us!!!


Great game you've made for a first! Love the cute funny start with a great transition. Full of memes is always good :D Btw Music is great too especially the sounds after transition, super creepy. Anyways here's my playthrough with some other indie games - 

Haha thank you for playin!!! Full of memes is always good >:)


This game was an absolute treat to play. Definitely keep it up, I loved how everything changed, it was wild! Great atmosphere, and the story was awesome!

Awh! Thank you! :)) I appreciate the kind words, thank you for playing!!!


First of all, to the creator of this game, respectfully, fuck you. 
Great work on the game tho, it threw me for a loop and really spooked me!
Hope you enjoy watching me not like scary things!


Not to be dramatic. But this is probably my favorite comment I’ve seen so far lmfaooo. Thank you for playing, and I hope to continue getting ‘fuck you’s’ 😂😂


dude this is my FAVORITE small game. genuniely i love this so much, the models, the endings, the sound, EVERYTHING!!! you are the exact kind of person i want to be best friends with, your style is absolutely perfect. love you so much <3

I love u 2, we’re best friends now (also thank you for playing hahaha)


this is the best game i have ever played

ah. I see you are a man of culture 


This frog is insane

Woah I think you mean totally normal frog


I loved it!!!

thank you!! :)


love the game

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your nametag makes me immediately want to play every game you’ve ever made. Bet. (Also thank you :) )


Quite the charming game featuring a totally  friendly and not-at-all evil frog wizard.  The third ending was great :D

yup! Definitely not evil, very normal frog :))) Thank you for playing!! 


Very cool little game! I got the normie ending first, and on my second run tried to mess up the potion as much as possible, but then I ended up throwing a bonesaw at the front door and falling into the void


Wow that is...uh....a feature! Yeah. Thats how you unlock the super special secret ending. Very special. In fact, so special, you may be the only one to have gotten lmfaooo


I went back to get all the endings! Very funny in retrospect that throwing a saw at the door works better than the key. The 'dark' house seemed a bit glitchy, got stuck on a door on my second attempt, otherwise great game! Really liked the writing, the design of the two realities, and the lore! rip santiago though they did nothing wrong and had such a cute design..

I’m so sorry you had such a glitchy experience 😩 It’s definitely the result of me being new at coding lmfao. Thank you for your kind words. Hopefully future games will be better 🖤🖤


Sorry if my comments came across as harsh, this really is impressive for a first game! A few bugs are to be expected of any game, and this game is well worth multiple playthroughs regardless!


Omg no! It didn't come across as harsh. Promise! But I do feel bad for people like you, who because of the bugs in the game, encounter a less than pleasant experience. (I'm a perfectionist and would prefer nothing to be broken haha) You are INCREDIBLY sweet to have played it more than once despite bugs. I appreciate you. Thank you :)))


WHAT AN AWESOME GAME!!!!! absolutely obsessed with the music and the different aesthetics used.  so fun and loved the skyrim reference and the option to add a silly stache was definitely a good one

Ahhhhhhh :))))) THANK YOUUUUUU. I appreciate you! Yo, I love the silly stache, it came to me in a fever dream. Clearly the most important asset of the whole game 


this was a LOT of fun!!!! great job for a first game fr, extremely impressive!! love the different aesthetics of the house and the way they contrasted with each other big time

omg THANK YOU :)))))) It was super fun to build haha, thank you for playing!!!


sin duda alguna, este tipo de juegos cuando están bien trabajados pueden ser una maravilla, este es un grandioso juego. una mecánica simple, jugabilidad que va al punto, una dosis de humor y un contenido que vale la pena probar 

Thank you!!!! :)))



i could not agree more




mustache frog?


evil mustache frog?

without a doubt.

evil mustache cute frog



Thank you for playing!!! :))

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like helpin the lil guy 

Full Play No Commentary  - 2 endings

OoooOoOooo you left the best ending for last! Not to sound biased, or anything, but I HIGHLY recommend going for the third ending! (if you're feeling frisky and want some spooks) :))) Regardless, thank you for playing!!!


This was such a good game ! I loved all three endings, they were so cool ! And I loved all the lore implemented in it, it really makes us want to know more ! Also so funny to play, with the jokes and all, really I had such a nice time playing it ! Thanks a lot for making this game !

Omg I appreciate you. I also saw you like, IMMEDIATELY blew up my Instagram by liking every photo and, and just, I super appreciate you hahaha. Thank you for your support, for your kind words, and for playing this game :)))) 


Ok, eu achei um jogo bastante interessante e diferente, então eu quis gravar um vídeo sobre, acho que valeu a pena! :D

💕!   :D


Really enjoyed this game. I played through all the endings. Keep up the great work! I thoroughly enjoyed the plot twist!

Thank you!!! :)) And thank you for playing!!!!


this game is such a perfect example of how looks can be deceiving, this game is so fuckin cool!!! :0

Whaaat? Pffffft, its just a totally normal game about a toad-ally normal frog. No deception here >:D


I loved this game! The art style and narrative are great! (Also, a lot of the ending animations were cute!) I thought there was a good mix between humor and spooks! And how you managed to tie it all together (trying to avoid spoilers here) was really nice! I couldn't tell that this was the very first game that you made! It ran flawless for me and I ran into no issues! 

I hope you make more horror games in the future! This was a really enjoyable experience! Thank you for taking the time to make this!

Oh thank you!! :))) That's very sweet of you to say! It was defo a fun little game to make, thank you for playing it! :))))

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It gets too blurry when I walk or move my camera :( But that might be cuz my computer is not that good

Thank you for the feedback! I have motion blur enabled in the game, which could be what's causing the problem for you. I may look into turning that on or off in a future patch (no promises), but definitely will for future games! In the mean time, there are lots of excellent Lets Plays of this game on YouTube, if you would like to still experience the game :) 

(1 edit)

Ok tysm! Although I still think it's cuz my computer can't handle 3d games too well. I'll watch a gameplay then. But still thank you for your help <3


Now this was a hella fun game, I had a blast playing it with my friend and we enjoyed having such a cute frog to interact with and have fun talking to.

Remember, this is just part 1, so keep an eye out for more, thanks!

OooooOOooo boy, I'm keeping an eye out. Maybe even two, just for the flex. 

Thank you for playing!!! I hope you enjoy the rest of the game!! :)


This game was amazing! Don't let the cute little frog fool you!
I really liked the interaction between the player and the frog, the small inside jokes and references in the game gave it a sense of "this game can't possibly be horrifying," boy was I wrong. When I got the third ending I didn't know what I got myself into. I loved the amount of work you put into the lore aspect of the game, even though it was short those research papers really carried the story! It's like the frog is an scp and it escaped the facility only for it to devour us! Either way a really great game!


Yo that's quite a review!!! I really appreciate you and your kind words. The game is far from perfect, so I am incredibly grateful to hear back from people when they enjoyed, and what they enjoyed about it!! It will only help me to make better pieces in the future :) Thank you again, and thank you for playing!!


yas very good but clipping thru the wall broke the immersion a few times

Oh no! Thank you for your feedback!


A really cute game which I absolutely loved! It was really funny and is one of my favorite indie games ever!

Also was a great first game! Looking forward to more of your games in future


Omg thank you! That's high praise! :) I appreciate, thank you for playing!!


One of the best indie games I played for sure, I had lots of fun! I hope you continue to make games. :)

Wooow! Thank you!!! That's so sweet of you! :) I had a lot of fun making it hahaha, and I will defo have to start thinking about a second game :)))


This game definitely caught me off guard! For your first game, this was very well done! A bit of humor then straight to horror was nice! Keep making more! Definitely heading into a great direction!

Thank you!! I love the cute/horror style that's been popping up lately, and took inspiration from it. I will def have to make more :)))


Funny humor and pretty good for your first game, GJ. 

Thank you!! :)))

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